Thank you Noel

IHONORUSA, continuing the story of how items get in the care packages and who provides the blessings.

Noel Johnson has been making braided prayer bracelets for the I Honor Your Service To America’s gift boxes for the past four years. Noel also enjoys making other jewelry, drawing, word search puzzles, karaoke, and listening to music. Unable to work outside of her home due to a seizure condition, Noel finds purpose in knowing that American heroes, here and abroad, are wearing her bracelets. She makes these bracelets to let our troops know that their service to our country is very much appreciated and that someone is praying for them.  Noel, you have achieved the President’s Volunteer Award – Gold!

Thank you, Noel, for your dedication and the work that goes into supporting deployed service members defending America around the world in the way you support the troops. These prayer bracelets can be purchased on this site,