Giving Tuesday Why Now?

Giving Tuesday is happening May 5th this year. COVID-19 is the reason. Giving Tuesday is the Nonprofit – Charity world’s answer to Cyber Monday – Black Friday in the sales world. Usually, Giving Tuesday is in December. The Nonprofit world has been gravely affected by the Pandemic like many other businesses.

Here is a few key cost for care packages to remember:

$17.00 shipping cost for a care package

$50.00 for shipping cost and the contents in a care package

A reoccurring gift of $50.00 a month will ship 12 care packages to Army, Navy, Air force, Marines deployed around the world. DONATE NOW page. Donate

Check out the products we ship to out the products we send to our service members. Click here, and what you buy, we will ship.

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Purchase T-Shirts, Challenge Coins, and Crochet helmet liner/ Hats by Cathie. 

All proceeds go to I Honor Your Service To, America .com Inc. 501c3. 

Thank you for your support!