DVDs for troops

HONORUSA.com has sent more than 1300 care packages to our troops since 2012. We like to add an assortment of items in their care packages because many times in the military, it’s hurry up and wait. For those off times, we have wanted DVDs to place in the care packages for something to do when they are not busy defending America in the field. Well, you know the old saying, be careful what you wish for. We have received a donation of over 500 DVDs. The pictures show what 500 DVDs look like stacked together. The remarkable thing aside from all of the excellent titles, there are many chick flicks in the group. So we have enough movies for the ladies. Many women are in combat zone areas defending the nation. 

AT&T supports Vets

Thank you so much, Rita Patel, for supporting our troops in this way. I asked Rita how she found out about our organization’s needs. She told me she works at AT&T, and she heard of us at AT&T Veterans ERG. AT&T helped Laurie, and I start up IHONORUSA.com to support our troops, and many AT&T employees still support us even though I retired in 2018. So, there are many thank you’s to go around.