Christmas Thank you 2019

There are so many things that I’m thankful for in 2019. First and foremost, I am grateful for the healing of family and friends who have survived severe health threats. Thankful that my mom has made it to 91.

Church important for growth

I am thankful for the church I attend, which is Victory World Church. The small group I belong to and the Men United Men’s ministry, have enriched my life in many ways. Also traveling to Israel with 49 awesome church members, seeing all parts of Israel, including the Palestinian areas, Nazareth, being baptized in the Jordan River, understanding the health and wealth of Tel Aviv visiting areas that Jesus walked, the area that David struck down Goliath. While traveling around Israel by bus, I got a sense of the peace of Israel. And I encourage all of you who read this note; please pray for the continued peace of Israel.

Thank you supporters

I am also humbled and thankful for the many people who have supported, volunteered, donated to, for deployed military personnel to various combat areas around the world who they don’t even know. That is the spirit of the United States of America. We are the most giving country in the entire world. Our military has its finger in the dike of chaos and tyranny around the world. Whenever we ship care packages to our soldiers, I think of psalms 15:13, there’s no greater love than one who would lay down his or her life for their friends, relatives, country.

The Soldiers just smile

I tell our supporters, There are many stories of how things get placed in our care packages. When our troops open the care package, and they just smile. This Christmas, please take time from the pace of shopping and reflect on the blessings YOU have received the past year and be thankful for the greatest blessing of all time, The Birth Of Jesus Christ Our Lord and Savior…

Pray for Israel