Quilts of Valor Foundation 

They held a ceremony at St Lawrence Catholic Church today, and I was invited to be one of the veterans to receive a quit, to my surprise. Dear friends and supporters of IHONORUSA.com invited me to attend. Cathie, her husband Craig and granddaughter Charlee, planned this month in advance. They just told me to hold open that date. Every once in a while, they would ask me, are you holding that day? I would say yes, I am. They would never even give me a hint of what this was all about.

To My Surprise

To my surprise, I was one of the ones to receive a beautiful quilt. It is the most beautiful quilt, the designs are fantastic and excellent quality. I thank Cathie and her family for being so supportive of our troops, and we have become friends in the process. 

Honored Cathie

The timing was right for me to give Cathie The Silver Presidents Volunteer service award certificate and a challenge coin for the time she spent to make over 200 Helmet liner/hats for our troops, as it is becoming winter. She has made enough in various colors and sizes to sell on our IHONORUSA.com/store. Please check out the pictures Charlee took at the event.

Thanks Cathie for inviting me to this event.
Many soldiers received beautiful Quilts
Cathie received a surprise too, The Silver Presidents Volunteer Award for 2019