The Soldiers Need:

Why we send

Here is an example of a list of things We found in a letter to support groups that send care packages to troops. Some people ask why are you sending care packages to troops who have signed up for the roles they chose to do in the military?. We have many ways to answer that question. One way is to Honor, Support and encourage those who choose to take time out of their precious lives to defend our nation.
It is hard to get troops to ask for things because of that mindset. We ask the troops we serve because we want to send what they need. Here is a letter on Platoon Leader sent.

What it means

SSG. John Doe
11 Aug 2019:
First and foremost, I want to say thank you on behalf of all of our soldiers. As you may already know, I am a site NCOIC for a small detachment of soldiers stationed at an outpost far away from the rest of our command. When I first touched the ground downrange, I contacted my wife and asked her to look into companies or organizations that would send my soldiers some care packages. This is my third deployment. I know how special it makes us feel to receive a package with something you needed or haven’t had in a while from someone you’ve never met before. Just the thought of knowing that someone cares about us and they would take time out of their day to send us something, reminds us of what we’re fighting for back home.

What they need

In regards to the update on the care packages, the kids (my soldiers) love the snacks lol. The snacks that seem to be the most popular are the Kars Sweet ‘N Salty trail mix, Slim Jims, Beef Jerky, Cheez-its, Goldfish, Chewing gum, ramen noodles, and Vienna sausages, toothpaste. Also Tampons and deodorant for now but the female soldiers requested more Shampoo & Conditioner. Towels, Body wash, deodorant, air fresheners, insect repellant, and Frezbe, are also a plus. Also, we need personal hygiene products, games, audiobooks. Outdoor recreational items along with a handheld air pump to inflate them would help with morale giving them more things to do in their off time. For example, we’ve been wanting to play sports such as flag football, softball, or kickball but don’t have any of the necessary items needed to do so. Keep in mind this is merely a wish list, so if we can’t get them, we understand. Thank you for anything you can do for our soldiers.

Military Care Packages delivered to out troops

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