Korean war veterans

Korean war veterans American Association ceremony 

A few weeks ago, I was honored to attend the ceremony that celebrated approximately 40 surviving American and Korean war soldiers, that endured the epic Korean War. Some call it “the forgotten war.” I can tell you the Korean War is intentionally not forgotten by Sonny Park, the Board of Directors and members of this organization and the Korean people.

Even though I served in Korea in 1968, I had a sense back then that the Koreans I served with, the ( KATUSA ) Korean Augmentation To The United States Army. Koreans in the towns and villages appreciated our presence in their Country. The Koreans I know today are good friends and supporters of a 501c3 Charity I Founded, I HONOR YOUR SERVICE TO AMERICA. 

I have been going to a church across the street from the Korean American Association. Suwanee Mayor Jimmy Burnette saw me at a Suwanee business event. Jimmy notice my Korean veteran hat and told me he would let me know when they would have their ceremony. I was glad that Jimmy remembered to invite me. I was so honored to be in the presence oh 40 surviving Korean warfighters but did the hard work to stop the onslaught of the Chinese Army. Also, I arrived in Korea under the armistice. It was Our job to maintain the peace that so many Americans and Koreans died for the freedom of the Korean people.

I think another fact is forgotten: the ROK Army and Marines fought beside the United States in Vietnam. They were fierce fighters, and many more American soldiers would have lost their lives If Koreans were not there.

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Sergeant Major US Army
General Ellis
Korean War Veteran