The Pawns at war

The pawns at war

Russia has thumbed its collective noses at a world seeking to live peacefully and have low carbon usage and other agendas. The President of Russia is aware the world is comfortable with the go-along get-along life of not recognizing an existential threat in the Pacific theater and the European theater where war has broken out. The proverbial genie is out of the bottle. The next few years could be the worst this planet has experienced since World War II.

Europe in trouble

Europe has suckled the hind tit of Russia for oil and natural gas, which makes them connected to Russia for its sustainability. The Russian President cleverly positioned Russia’s energy resources as a carrot to lure Western Europe into relying on Russian energy. But unfortunately, America can’t help Europe because the American Policy cut our energy production and independence, and now America is forced to buy oil from Russia. 

Russia Reclaims land

They (Russians) are laughing at the fact that the United States and Europe are not united enough to do anything about the Russian plan to methodically take over all of the lost lands from the Russian break up, and who knows when they are going to stop. The Russian dictator has been a master at playing chess with the world for years, unlike America, and our policy changes every two to four years. (no consistent approach in place to stop the dictator year over year) The dictator has the world checkmated with the threat of denying oil to Europe and now the USA is trying to gather up chess pieces on the giant chess game he has been playing for years.

The US needs to be energy independent

At some point, this country has to understand it will be years before the world’s fossil fuel runs out. We have the cleanest production of fossil fuel globally, and we need to stop acting like renewable energy will replace fossil fuel any time soon. Otherwise, we will have to knock on the dictator’s door to get a fill-up when we run out of fossil fuel because in the last serval months America is no longer energy independent. This is a national security issue.

The game goes on

The chess master is in rabid dog mode. When are they going to stop him before it is too late? Please pray for our deployed troops now being deployed to war prone areas of Europe.