Fait accompli around the world?

Bet you didn’t count on seeing this when you woke up!


In response to the security situation, two battalions of Marines and a battalion of Army soldiers plus 5000 more troops to add those who started arriving in the capital city on Friday to assist the State Department, Kirby told reporters at a Pentagon press briefing in Washington.



Fait accompli

I wonder if the word fait accompli is being used in our Pentagon these days. Fait accompli, when it relates to the military, means in simple terms that the country the US has a treaty with or is supposed to be protecting a country. Is threatened by another country or terrorist if the USA can’t respond quick enough or has been in the country for over 20 years like Afghanistan. And that country still can’t develop the spine to save their own nation. So the USA lets the results happen, fait accompli.

Who decides

Case in point, Russia was taking over Crimea some years back. So the current President decides, yes, a threat is or is not worth fighting. So Crimea falls to the Russians. Another case in point Taiwan. The Chinese government, has decided for over 70 years that Taiwan belongs to them. And they Will eventually use military force to take Taiwan over. So the United States sails the 7th Fleet, through the South China Sea, which China claims as their territory. The United States says it will defend its friend and the tiny nation of Taiwan.

Risk of war

The Pentagon has to contemplate if the United States can risk a major conflict in the world to protect a small island nation like Taiwan. Because of its relative closeness to China, it will be a formidable task. And the logistics of defending Taiwan could be a severe conflict for our forces so far away from home, and many American Service-members could die.

Allies wonder about US resolve

What will our politicians instruct our military when China threatens Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, and others in that region? What will our politicians do when it comes to helping Israel continue to exist? All of these scenarios of possible fait accompli for the United States to fight or fight not.

Pray for the USA

Pray for our country’s Service members, our allies. We have to pray for the future of the United States of America to defeat our enemies, both foreign and domestic. We need to plan so we don’t have to endure a future Fait accompli.
What do you think?

Pray for our Service Members
God Bless America!